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Garage Door Springs and Safety

Do not attempt repairs without prior knowledge and experience

A door will fail, or struggle to open if a spring breaks or if cables come off the tracks. In either case, you risk serious damage to the opener or door unless the problem is corrected immediately.

Torsion springs are generally mounted on the wall just above the garage door. If your spring looks like the one in the picture, then you have a broken torsion spring. The image displays a broken left-hand torsion spring, while the spring on the right is not broken.

The spring on the right is still under tension and must be addressed before ANY repairs or servicing take place.

We highly recommend replacing both Torsion springs at the same time. Each spring only has a certain number of open-close cycles and the second spring is usually the same age as the broken spring. It's very common to see the second spring break shortly after replacement of the first spring.

Torsion Spring and Extension Spring Another type of spring, extension springs, are mounted along the side top rail of the door. They must be replaced as a pair to keep the door evenly balanced. Both spring types can be very dangerous when under tension. Extreme care (using the right tools and experienced professionals) must be taken into account when working with garage door springs.

Also, when replacing garage door springs check the extension cables for fray, and pulleys, bearings, panels and S hooks for loose connections and wear.

People have been injured or mortally wounded tightening or releasing door springs. If you don't use the proper tools and equipment and possess sufficient worker knowledge and safety experience, you could lose a finger, limb , eye, or worse, your life.

Financially, you could cause much more damage to your door sections and structure supports. We highly suggest you hire a certified professional, because your SAFETY is our main concern. There are many documented reports of personal injury and extensive damage to doors, due to over or under tensioning of torsion systems. The tortion springs must be properly unwound prior to resettng cables or replacing springs...

Therefore the following must be emphasized:


Buying torsion springs or any garage door parts from an online agency requires special attention. Buying an incorrect part will lead to problems in the correct fit, with over or under tension as talked about above.

Have a certified technician measure or gauge your wire, so you know exactly what the manufacturer of your door requires. When a door leaves the manufacturer's site it comes with door-specific springs, remember this important fact.

If you feel the need to use an online agency to save yourself time and money, do your research first. And by all means, if necessary, grab the phone and ask us first. We can save you a considerable amount of time and effort.

Always make sure any online garage door parts seller is a member of the IDEA, not just someone selling parts from home. An improperly addressed spring can lead to injury or death.

» More on garage door safety from Underwriters Laboratory.